Paducah High - Class of '59

50th Reunion


The Travels of Mary and Jo Ann

It was the beginning of a wonderful day. Mary had just finished the most wonderful weekend of her life and was headed back to the cold world of life.

She and her friend Jo Ann had just finished celebrating, with the rest of their classmates their “50” year school reunion.

From her breath taking room in the world known Hotel de Town House. She was awakened by the sound of the roaring traffic on Avenue Easley, in the heart of the great metroplex of Paducah , Texas . Hating to arise and leave this wonderful scenic place, she arose, dressed and went out for her morning trek to Pam's home for her morning meal and last minute visit with Pam.

Just as she closed the door of her luxurious suite; she was met by another classmate, who was also spending the last moments of his stay just looking at the wonderful view of his past. He too, was leaving for Dallas in his new air-conditioned automobile, as was Mary. Offering her a ride, she declined. She had promised her great friend Jo Ann she would return to Dallas with Jo Ann and her daughter June.

After Mary had a wonderful breakfast and visit with Pam; Jo Ann, in her daughter's car, arrived to carry Mary and herself to church at the First United Methodist Church . Because of the membership and visitors (only 25, at the most, members and a handful of ex-members visiting), the service started at 10.The preacher only came every other Sunday and from 70 miles away. The service lasted two hours. Mary and Jo Ann slide out of their pew before communion. They had one last stop to make before leaving this wonderful place they had grown up in: the cemetery where all their family and elders were now.

Finally arriving at the Bigham house to pack the car for their long trip back to Dallas , they were told by June, that they could not turn the air-conditioner in the car on in case the belt would break and the car would be stranded on the side of the road. Not bad they thought as it was only 80 degrees and cloudy. They were tough and done much harder things in their lives.

The trip was just beginning at noon , having to travel 287 miles. The threesome with windows rolled down made it to Vernon . Not to bad they thought. Mary and Jo Ann had remembered that they had traveled this very way in their younger years. They could do it again.

They reflected upon their earlier childhood days, when they had traveled the same roads. Enjoying smell of the fresh mowed hay, the dead animals on the side of the roads, and you couldn't forget the cattle trucks that passed them and feed lots. The temperature was rising! Still not so bad, they agreed, they could make it.

Finally arriving in Wichita Falls on time, they contemplated jumping into the wonderful brown-watered falls cascading over the rock. However, they decided they had better continue their journey home. About 10 miles past Wichita Falls, they were stopped by the highway patrolman, there had been a bad accident… the two lanes of traffic were completely shut down. This was the down fall. The temperature rose to 93 and rising, they were getting extremely hot and frustrated. Even Henry the dog was having a tough time.

After thirty minute of pure “hell”, the highway was opened up and June speed a little and let the wind blow in through the downed windows. Finally each one could feel the breeze flying through their beautiful combed hair.

The talk and laughter had final begun to trail off. They were getting rather hot and bothered .

They could not remember who was the smart one to think of stopping, purchasing a sack of ice and plastic bags. After stopping in Decauter. However it worked!!!!. Why had they not thought of it in Bowie .

The rest of the trip was wonderful, the ice packs placed on their feet, heads, and behind their back. Even Henry the dog had his ice packs.

The lovely beauties made it to Mary's cousin's house at five thirty in the evening, where she hurried to get her luggage out of the car by herself, not waiting for the butler to help with her things. She leapt from the car up the winding steps and dashed into the wonderful air- conditioned villa. Thank God, she was back to civilization.

However, back to the scene, Jo Ann and June still had thirty miles to trek. They finally arrived home safely. Jo Ann had prayed for God to get them home safely, she only forgot to ask that He get them home cool.

End of the story……