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Linda (Lloyd) Millikan

Class of 1959 Paducah Texas

For several years in St. Louis , Houston , and Fort Worth I was in Real Estate as an underwriter for a mortgage company.

I changed employment in 1988 to take a position with Alcon Laboratories in Fort Worth . When I retired in 2008, my position was Coordinator for Analytical Chemistry Standards (standards are chemical samples) where I prepared documentation while communicating with global customs and Alcon labs. This was a very interesting experience communicating by emails with countries all over the world.

I attended Tarrant County Community College in Fort Worth , Florissant Valley Community College , and University of Missouri in St. Louis .

I was married to Ray Millikan for over 30 years until 1992. We had two children. David, who attended Sam Houston, works with computers at home and lost his wife to cancer this January. Shari Waldrop, our daughter, is an Associate Professor at Navarro College . She received the award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology. Shari has two daughters, Misty and Sara. Misty and Chase have a toddler, Nolan who is an eighth generation Texan on our side. Sara started High School this year.

We lived in Fort Worth , Dallas , St. Louis , Houston , and Galveston until the hurricane Alicia destroyed our residence in 1983. We then moved back to Fort Worth .

Even though I haven't traveled much the last few years, we visited Israel, Jordan , Holland , Spain , Hawaii , and Jamaica . We took cruises that included Nassau , Puerto Rico , St. Croix , and Haiti .

My immediate family, including my sister, Rita all live within 50 miles of Burleson where I have lived the last 14 years. My mother is 95 and lives in Fort Worth in a retirement village.

Having my two grandchildren and a great grandchild so close is one of the best things in my life.

Linda (Lloyd) Millikan

Linda Lloyd Millikan

Linda Lloyd - 2 years old


Great Grandson Nolan Rice 8th Generation Texan

Daughter Shari Waldrop, Son David Millikan, and Linda Lloyd Millikan