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Pam Bearden

Class of 1959 Paducah High Graduate.

   After graduation, I  attended West Texas State University.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a teaching certificate.  I worked a year in Amarillo as a bookkeeper for  a car dealership before beginning to teach.

    First teaching position was in  Aspermont for 5 years.  I had always wanted to live in Colorado or Alaska.  So, I applied at both states.  I heard from Cedaredge, CO first.  Right after signing that contract, I heard from Alaska.  My mother was happy that I had already signed, I was unhappy.

  I still have not made it to Alaska.  But, I have done a lot of traveling.     The greatest gift my sister gave me was two wonderful nieces.  Every summer they were mine  to spoil.  We  planned, at least, one trip every summer.  Some of my favorite memories are those trips:  Hawaii, Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, the South, and of course, CO, TX, and NM. 

I have been to Europe twice and would  love to go again.  First trip to the  United Kingdom and Ireland with 4 other teachers.  The next time with one  of my niece's and another teacher to England, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy,and France.  With that same niece and her family, I visited Tennessee and Florida.  Because of  taking students to Nationals in Future Business Leaders or America, I visited Californai (LA to San Diego) and Washington D.C.  This summer I am going to New York City.

    I lost my best friend and sister to breast cancer Nov. 18, 1993.  I retired at the age of 55, after teaching in Cedaredge for 25 years.  I came home to take care of my parents, which I have never regretted.  I was home a year when my mother passed away on June 11, 1998.  My father passed away on December 23, 2002. 

I continue to live in Paducah.  One niece lives  in Paducah, she has two boys, and now has a grandson.  The other niece lives in Waxahachie, she has a daughter and a son.

Pam Bearden