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Shirley (Jeter) Denman

Class of 1959 Paducah High Graduate.

After graduation I went to Beauty School in Fort Worth. 

Got married February 1960 moved to Kileen.  Lived there for around a year, then moved to Plainview.    Had two wonderful children.  Tony my son in 1962 and Jacque my daughter in 1964.  Moved to Linden, Texas in 1969.
Tony has four children 3 daughters and 1 son.  Jacque has 3 children 1 daughter and two sons. Tony has two grand children. 

Divorced in 1971 and remarried in 1984.  Carr (my husband now) has three boys.
His boys have 11 children and mine have 7 (need to get the dice out). So, we have 18 grand children which range from 33 yrs. to 7 yrs.  Now we have 10 great grands.

We have a Foundation Drilling Company & Carr has a novelty shop he like to pittle in.  Then we have a Jamboree every Saturday night.

I get to stay home and keep books for all these fun things and the usual house and yard stuff.  I guess we are lucky to still have our health, so we can travel when and where we want.
Hope to see all of you at the reunion.

Shirley Jeter Denman