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Tommy Rekieta

3 years old

12 years old

8th Grade Graduation

Class of 1959 Paducah High Graduate.

BS Degree in Math/Physics - Texas Tech University - 1964

Worked at Texas Instruments in Dallas 1965-1988 in Research and Development

MS Degree in Computer Science - Southern Methodist University - 1972

The division I was in at Texas Instruments was sold to Halliburton in 1988. I worked at Halliburton, Inc.1988-1990 as manager of new systems software development until they decided to move the operations to Houston. At this time my youngest daughter was finishing High School and the others were attending local colleges, so I did not want to distrub the family with a move.

I then worked at Digital Switch Communications, Inc/ Alcatel in Plano 1990-2002 directing the development of telecommunications software systems for Advanced Intelligent Networks.

Retired in 2002 when the telecom industry hit a slow down and Alcatel moved most of it's operations overseas. Since retirement my wife Mary and I work together as Real Estate Agents. I also obtained a certification as a Web Master and play with websites on the internet for fun and a little extra money. I also enjoy building and fixing up houses.

I married Mary Helen Latimer in 1961. We had 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls. All of them graduated from college. They have now given us 11 grandchildren. The oldest grandchild will be graduating from Texas Tech this year. They all live within 20 miles of us near McKinney which is 30 miles north of downtown Dallas. So we watch a lot of soccer, basketball, rollerblade hockey, and volleyball by the grandkids.

Mary Helen Latimer and Tommy Rekieta were

married on August 19, 1961. Classmate Paul Buckley

served as my Best Man.

In college - 20 years old

Family picture in 1988

Mary and Tommy on Cruise 2001

Family Picture Christmas 2007